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    5-Part on-demand Masterclass takes you on a journey of discovering your own internal Money Blocks, what's holding you back from success, how these blocks show up in your life, identify and clear your family money stories, and start removing blocks so you dissolve your income ceiling and start receiving more money, so you open yourself up to money flowing to you with ease.

    Here’s what usually happens at the beginning of and even a few years into Starting a business:

      You hit the income ceiling

      It’s like no matter what you do, what strategies and sales tactics you learn and use, you can’t go past a certain amount - you hit the plateau or even start losing money. And then, of course, you try something new - create new products or services or look for yet another course or program (or a coach) to learn a new tactic hoping that this time it will help you break through that ceiling and you keep applying and re-applying strategies. But nothing much changes...

      You can't increase prices 

      Most of the time you might think that it's impossible to find clients who would buy at higher rates (you look at the proof - they didn't buy in the past). So why in the world you would increase prices since you convinced yourself that those potential clients would pay more? Deep down you want to believe that it's not true, but your mind is giving you every reason why they won’t be able to afford you and your prices. But you can change that.

      You get tired of trying

      You stop believing in what you do and eventually, instead of addressing the true root causes, you continue forcing yourself to work more and harder trying to break through what seems to be a steel unbreakable wall. But when the hard work doesn't pay off, you shut down (often unintentionally) the light at the tunnel and start giving up. You may settle for less - go back to a J.O.B. or stay in the existing job or existing "something" that allows you to just survive because you're losing hope of step into your full potential and living the life of your dreams.

    And remember...

    All these things usually happen NOT because you or someone else don't know enough.

    Occasionally, some strategies might need to be tweaked, but most of the time you are simply blocked inside - your internal system - beliefs, emotions, thoughts and your existing patterns do not allow you to go past what you truly believe you can do or achieve, therefore, you continue "building a house" (aka business or life) on a cracked and shaky foundation (aka internal system).

    What I mean by that is that over the lifespan you (and every person on the planet) create and acquire so many (that you think) unbreakable internal rules - fears, expectations, identities, beliefs, patterns - that run your life, careers and businesses on autopilot and hold you hostages of your past programming without you even realizing that.

    This is what BLOCKS you and others from attracting more money, better relationships, happiness, fulfilment, etc. with ease.



    Here's What You Get In This Masterclass

  • Over 5 hours of training on:

    • - How you create blocks and resistance
    • - How to identify and find blocks
    • - How blocks show up in your life and make you sabotage your success
    • - How you create the income ceiling and how to break through it
    • - Your thinking, emotional and behavior patterns
    • - Why it's not a good idea to start changing your behaviors
    • - How your past influences your present and what to do about it
    • - and so much more! (valued at $499)
  • 4 Block Clearing Meditations (valued at $197)

  • BONUS - A Special Centering and Mind Reprogramming Meditation (valued at $47)

  • BONUS - A Virtual Seat on one of the LIVE "Unlock Wealth Academy" Zoom Calls with 1:1 Time with Me (valued at $397) 

  • BONUS - Private Facebook Group for Inspiration and to Ask Questions, Special Pricing on Future Programs and soooo much more (PRICELESS)


    Total Value of the Training and Bonuses is over $1,140

    Special Price Just For Today is ONLY $47

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    Cathryn Marshall

    President of What Women Want Networking & Sales Coach

    "I have to say that meeting Renata and working with her has been a complete game changer in my life and business. If you are considering working with her, I can guarantee you will get your return on investment!"

    Dr. Candace Holmes

    Natural Brain Focus & Attention Specialist

    "After working with Renata, my business picked up as well as my personal life. What a transformation! My life just keeps on getting better and better as new opportunities open up for me more easily than they did before working with her. I highly recommend her and her program. I am SO glad that I did the work that she encouraged me to do. It has made all the difference!"

    Nita Patel

    Author | Artist | Coach

    "Renata Mazu has helped me remove layers upon layers of a false sense of security I've been carrying around for years and allowed me to experience true emotional freedom in all areas of my life! If you're seeking new levels of success in your life, Renata's programs are a MUST!"

    Hey beautiful!

    I’m Renata Mazu and I want to say that no matter where you are in life or your career, you are NOT alone.

    We all may have had slightly different experiences, but we all know fear, pain, happiness, failure, joy, anger, success, and so much more!

    I had tons of ups and really low downs myself, when I was about to quit me... I've tried so many strategies, techniques and modalities hoping to find the missing pieces in my puzzle. Unfortunately, after years and years of learning and even healing, nothing much changed in my personal life and business because no one tool or strategy worked to create the transformation I desired... 

    I Am In!

    Therefore, I've created my own process from all the learnings, experiences, successes and failures I had and observed that allows you to figure out fast WHY you're stuck no matter how hard you work and ELIMINATE blocks (that oftentimes have nothing to do with strategies) to success in business and happiness in life.

    My purpose is to show you what's really possible (it doesn't matter if you believe it or not yet because I know things will change) and help you create the greatest transformations so you can finally stand in your power, so you can successfully design the life and business that you’re passionately obsessed with.

    All you need to do is take a chance on yourself.

    As you read this, just lean in to yourself and see how it feels inside, and you'll notice that what I'm sharing truly makes sense.

    Still not sure?? Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Check Out What Our Awesome Clients Are Saying...

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